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In the beginning…

Then I heard the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?” 

And I answered, “Oh, sorry…did you say something?”  (Isaiah 6:8, 21st century Gen-X paraphrase edition)

Welcome to Marian the Seminarian, a blog dedicated to chronicling a career librarian’s unconventional Christian apologetics in the midst of a radical personal and professional transformation into a woman of the cloth.

My name isn’t Marian, nor am I a seminarian…yet. After over two decades of rocking around in the belly of the fish, I’ve finally gotten the message and I’m going to Nineveh.  Which is to say, I’ve known about this vocational call for about 35 years and had my first opportunity to act on it in 1989…but didn’t.  Then I had another opportunity in 1993…and again in 2000.  Unlike Jonah, who by all accounts didn’t do much inside the fish other than huff digestive gasses and write a poem, my non-ministerial endeavors since then have, by and large, been productive, rewarding, and successful. 

But God doesn’t let up.  You think that parable about the widow hammering on the judge’s door* is about you pleading with God?  Ha.  It’s just as easily about God pleading with you.  Finally, you just get up and give the guy whatever he wants.  “Okay, okay, I’m coming!”

So, reader, I appreciate you being along for the ride and hope that you find some inspiration for your own inelegant spiritual journey here.  Failing that, I hope this entertains you.  Failing that, I hope it doesn’t offend you overmuch.  If it does, and if I was still a practicing librarian, I’d initiate a conversation with you about what blogs would meet your own informational and recreational needs and earnestly help point you in the direction of those resources.  As it is, you’re on your own.  Choose wisely.

*Luke 18:1-5

© Marian the Seminarian, 2011


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