Big week, little blog

I feel like I won the Israelite lotto!  Except instead of scoring an eternal covenant with Yahweh, the land of Canaan, and a truckload of dietary restrictions, I’ve been a) admitted to seminary,1 b) taken “under care” by the Presbytery,2 and c) granted some sweet financial aid to stave off destitution for at least another six months. 3

So, now that my anxiety is temporarily assuaged, I have found it impossible to come up with an insightful or even mildly interesting blog post this week.  I’ve got a great idea for Thanksgiving and a couple more for Advent, but nothing for this week, which strikes me as positively pitiful considering what a great week it’s been.  I did give momentary consideration to discussing the spiritual significance of the Occupy movement, but decided that comingling religion and politics in this blog is too treacherous, even for me. 

Then I remembered the ancient wisdom spoken by Ten Bears in that classic documentary, Dances with Wolves:

“When one can think of nothing to say, it is a time to be silent.”

The most beautiful justification ever spoken by man for sitting calmly atop the writer’s block.

So, I’m copping out at less than 400 words and no particular message today, except to say thanks. 

1 Obviously, no one on the admissions committee knows about this blog.  Or, significantly less likely, everyone on the admissions committee knows about this blog and finds it theologically astute, intellectually stimulating, morally thought-provoking, and milk-spewing-out-your-nose hilarious. 

2 This is basically the PCUSA’s way of saying, “We’ll not only support your bid to become a minister when you grow up, but we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that you succeed,” but “under care” is a WAY funnier way of saying it.  More on being “under care” in subsequent blogs.

3 A big shout out of enormous thanks for Sem1’s generous financial aid, a delightful token of welcome from the Presbytery, and a scholarship from one of the local Presbyterian churches.  Everyone will be getting REALLY nice thank you cards from me asap.  (My mom reads this blog, so I want to assure her that my social niceties ARE intact.)

© Marian the Seminarian, 2011


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